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Professional Surf Lessons and Ocean Education

Surf Lessons Locations

EZride Surf School offers surf lessons at friendly and safe beach breaks conveniently located throughout South and Central Florida. Our expert surf team will personally select the best surf spot providing year round consistent waves, or conduct the lesson at the best surf break near your home or vacation destination. You will find Florida offers great surfing, and waves to provide a great surf lesson experience.

All of our Locations are near major Florida airports. Whether you are flying to Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach, or Orlando International Airport, you are just a few miles away from your surf lessons location.

For any additional or specific information regarding your surf lesson, accommodations, night life, touristic attractions, and children's activities, please contact our office via phone or email and we will assist you in choosing the right location for your surf lesson that best suits your needs.

Please, use the map below to find your best surf spot option:

EZride Florida Secret Surf Locations
Secret Surf Locations in Florida
EZride Florida Good Surf Locations
Good Surf Locations for surf school in Florida
EZride Surf Location safe for children
EZride Surf Location safe for children
EZride Surf Lesson Location
EZride Surf Lesson Location
EZride Surf Location
EZride Surf Location
Florida Surf Location
Best Surf Locations
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